Fantasy War

Change log

Change log update Version 1.2.3 (27/09/2022)


Added auto damage calculation.Now, auto will optimize damage when selecting a target.
From now on you can build squads using single skill to Explore. Skills will no longer be used on dead targets.


To reduce the difficulty of the game, the monsters in the expedition have their skill damage reduced by 50%.


Change the Equipment Upgrade.
From now, when enhance failed, the enhance level won't drop. The default success rate will be 30%, when the enhancement fails, the success rate will increase by 5%. When the enhancement is successful, the ratio will return to 30%.


Now, you can see enemy stats on ready screen.

Dragon Race

Reduced defense penetration effect from 10% to 7.5%


Reduced summon*10 price from 950 to 850.

Hero Tower

The tower will be reset weekly. And change all soldier in the tower.
Each tower floor will reward 1000 Crystals and 3 Enhance Stone
The tower will have a limited list of skills to use: Silent Moon.
Eliminate delay when losing
Add Dragon Soldier to Tower