Fantasy War


With more than 15 years of experience as a gamer and more than 5 years of experience as a manage game community with over 1 million users, we played through hundreds of different games with all the roles of Farmer, Hardcore player and Whale. It's not too difficult to find that we will always be the ones who will suffer. Either way, traditional game publishers, instead of trying to create a quality product, just focus on fully exploiting gamers' wallets in a variety of ways:
  • Open new servers continuously.
  • Open new events and recharge packs constantly.
  • Giving out new equipment that is stronger than the old ones constantly.
  • Lock all equipment and do not allow players to trade.
We desire to create a fair world for gamers. Fantasy War will be where:
  • Gamers will be the master in each resource and item that the world creates.
  • Freely trade any item you can collect and craft.
  • All gamers can interact with each other in the same server.
  • Players will be the main factor controlling the economy in the game, not afraid of items being devalued.
  • Game publisher only has the role of maintaining the world to operate fairly, not allowed to interfere and create any items.
Therefore, FANTASY WAR was conceived and born. It allows gamers to experience a wonderful game world and Play to Earn completely free.
The gameplay model of FANTASY WAR has been tested in the community as a mini game since the beginning of 2019. And BlockChain will bring the perfect financial foundation to the world of FANTASY WAR.