Fantasy War

Community Connection

For a product to be able to develop long-term and sustainably, a strong community is always needed. And the most sustainable community is that with common interests. Based on that feature, Fantasy War has designed a system so that gamers can experience the game on any website. What could be better than being able to experience the game directly on the website that you have been using for years and you can connect and get to know other members. People who have the same interests as you but you and them have never known each other.

For Webmasters

Website owners can actively integrate Fantasy War into their website. Which help members have more interesting experiences and interact with other members.
You will receive up to 10% of the FAWA that your members earn from Boss and PVP. You will get a huge amount of income to upgrade and maintain your website.
The game's integrated interface is intelligently designed so as not to affect the members' experience.