Fantasy War


The best Turn-base Strategy Game

The combat system is developed in a turn-base form. Starting the battle, the player will have time to choose the formation or customize the formation.
Actions can be arranged for the character at each turn. 1) Attack: Attack 1 enemy. Restores mana by mana regeneration. 2) Recovery: Mana Recovery = Mana regeneration stats + 5. 3) Use skills: When you have enough Mana, you will be allowed to use skills. 4) Defense: Non-frontline soldiers can take a defensive stance, reducing damage taken from all sources by 30%.
After arranging, the soldiers will act according to the priority of the action and their own speed, the Soldier with the higher speed will take the action first. Priority action:
1) Defense. Soldiers defense in the next turn. 2) The buff and debuff skills, do not deal damage. 3) Other skills and basic attacks.
_ The cast area of the skill:
Cast skill on 1 target.
Cast skill on vertical targets.
Cast skill on horizontal targets.
Cast skill on X-shaped targets.
Cast skill on targets that follow the sign +.
Cast skill on square-shaped targets
Players can choose the location and number of targets to receive skills based on the shape of the skill.
The normal attacks will hit in order from outside to inside. That is, if there is a Soldier in row 1, the player cannot attack the Soldier in row 2. Unless the Soldier's speed is 1.5 times the speed of the opponent's Soldier, they can attack directly.
If the Soldier being attacked is already dead. Then the next attack will be canceled.
PVP Battle
Each match will have 2 buffs randomly appearing on the Soldier tile. Both sides have the same position and buff effect. The buffs like (Increase 10% Speed, 10% HP, 10% Attack, 10% Defense, Restore 5 mana per turn, Restore 200 health per turn, etc.).
There will be maps representing the races. Each battle will have 1 randomly selected map. Races that fight at home will be increased stats by 5%.
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