Fantasy War


Each Soldier can wear up to 10 equipment. Equipment list includes:
  • Weapon: Increases attack + critical + speed + mana regeneration.
  • Gloves: Increases attack or speed.
  • Shoes: Increases attack or speed.
  • 2 Rings: Increases % elemental attack.
  • Armor: Increases hp + armor + magic resistance + healing.
  • Helmet: Increases HP or armor or magic resistance.
  • Pants: Increases health or armor or magic resistance.
  • Belt: Increases % elemental defense.
  • Necklace: Increases % elemental defense.


Equipment is crafted from different materials. Equipment of any rank will need materials of the corresponding rank.
Equipment in Fantasy War is classified into 8 ranks. E > D > C > B > A > S > SS > SSS.
High-ranked equipment when crafted will receive additional attribution.


Using Enhancement Stones to enhance equipment will make the equipment stronger.
The enhancement success rate is 50%. Failed enhancement will reduce the enhancement level by 1 level.
The maximum enhancement level is 20. Each level of enhancement will increase the equipment's stats by 3%.

Combine Material

You can use low-grade materials to combine them into higher-grade materials.


Use 2 equipment of the same type of the same rank to recycle into 1 new equipment.
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