Fantasy War

Hero Tower

The 100 floors of the Hero Tower is a place to challenge the skills and strength of the Soldiers. Successfully passing the tower will give the gamer a large amount of Crystals and Enhance Stone.
Crystals obtained = Floor * 500.
Enhance Stone obtained = Floor * 1.
You must start the challenge from the 1st floor. The higher you go, the more difficult the challenge will be.
If you are the first to successfully challenge the new floor. You will be honored in the history of the Hero Tower.
If you fail, you need to wait 60 minutes to challenge again.
TOP 50 Tower of Heroes will be rewarded with FAWA weekly.
  • Top 1 : 1,000 FAWA
  • Top 2: 700 FAWA
  • Top 3: 500 FAWA
  • Top 4 > 10: 200 FAWA
  • Top 11>50: 100 FAWA
Last modified 10mo ago