Fantasy War

2. How to play

A) Daily Missions
Every day, you will collect materials based on daily quests.
Daily you will have 30 expeditions with rewards. After the end of 30 bonus turns, you can still continue to explore to test the squad, but will not receive the reward after that.
Exploration will bring you crafting materials, exp for Soldiers and Crystals. In addition, you also have a lucky chance to receive other items, or complete equipment.
Challenge Elite Boss
Every day you will have 1 chance to challenge the Tinh Anh Boss. If you win, you will receive a direct FAWA.
All quests will be reset at 7:00 every day
Note: When completing the sharing mission will give you Epic Soldier Irumi. This soldier is very strong, it will make it easier for you to complete the missions.
B) Training
After completing the activities, you can send the Soldiers into Training to collect more Crystals and quickly level up. Note: You must remove the Soldier from the SQUAD to be able to put it into Training
C) Tower of Heroes
Challenge the Tower of Heroes will bring you a large amount of Crystals and Enhance Stones. In addition, the Tower of Heroes will help you improve your tactical thinking for later PVP battles.
Top 50 Tower of Heroes will be rewarded with FAWA weekly.