Fantasy War

3. How to arrange the squad

First, in order to be able to participate in any function, you need to enter the Squad to arrange the battle formation.
Each Soldier will have a unique skill. Each skill will have a required amount of Mana and a different range and effects. When full of Mana, you can use the skill by dragging the skill and dropping it to the desired location.
Please note, always put the Soldier Tanks in the first position. You and the Monster can only attack the 2nd row after killing all the monsters in the first row. And the 3rd row after killing all the soldier in the 2nd row.
You can turn on defense if there is another Soldier in front of you. Defense can help you reduce the damage taken by 30%. You can use this function to reduce damage when the opponent uses Skill attack you.
However, you can directly attack the opponent regardless of the row, if your Soldier has a speed 1.5 times greater than them.
You can check your opponent's information and stats by clicking Avatar in the lower right corner.