Fantasy War

5. Make money through the Partner system

In addition to directly participating in the game, you can also increase your income by joining the Partner system.
Become a guide to increase your income.
What is the Partner System?
The Partner system will allow you to earn FAWA from the people you refer. Through activities:
  • 2% fee from market, when player receive FAWA.
  • 20% Summon fee when member summon Soldier.
How to register as a Partner
First, you need access to:
Register information:
  • Community URL: As your domain name, after creating it, you will have a referral link look like:
  • Website URL: If you do not have a website can skip.
After completing the registration, you can send your referral link to other players. If they register to play through your link, you will receive a bonus from them.
In addition, when entering the game, there will be a private chat channel for the members you introduce. You can guide them through that chat channel.